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Правила проживания

  • To live with us and you must present your passport / passport or equivalent document (migration card, a valid visa for foreigners, military ID card for military birth certificate for children under 14 years). Our friends under 18 (without a warrant) without an adult will not be permitted. 
  • Our hostel is working around the clock. Check-in time for departure 11:00 and arrival at 12:00.
  • Arrivals between 04:00-11:00 or check-out until 20:00 must pay an additional half the cost of one night. If you drive until 04:00 or check out after 20:00 need to pay extra for a full day. 
  • When making a payment is made 100% for one day ahead. 
  • Payment is made in rubles in cash or by card. 
  • Any operation Reservation is free for clients of our Hostel
  • Smoking and alcohol are prohibited in the hostel.
  • The hostel has a right to refuse without explanation.
  • 23:00 all guests should keep quiet so as not to disturb others rest. Main light off
  • Hostel is not responsible for valuables left unattended in lockers located in the rooms.Valuables can be left at the reception or in individual safes at the reception.

How to reach us?

(343) 200-37-27
Yekaterinburg, the St Hohryakova 72 A info@sky-hostel.ru

We are at the center of business and cultural life of the city of Yekaterinburg. Next to us are the best restaurants and cafes, offices nation's largest banks, pharmacies, shops, as well as many of the most interesting sights of the city.

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